ADA Solar RGB Limited Edition Black

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ADA Solar RGB Limited Edition Black (including shades)


Limited edition models of Solar RGB, a high color rendering LED lighting fixture for aquatic plants developed
for enjoying aquascapes even more beautifully will be released with the soft start function. The soft start
function enables the limited edition model to be turned on gently and prevents fish from being shocked and
jumping out of aquariums when turning on the light. In addition, its optical spectrum is the same as the
existing Solar RGB. Therefore, vivid colors of green and red, which are the original colors of aquatic plants
can appear even brighter, and planted aquariums can be executed even more beautifully. Because the
limited edition model comes standard with dedicated shades (detachable), the dedicated shades help reduce
the rise in the central illuminance and light leakage to the front and back of the lighting unit. There are two
colors available in white and black.

※A single unit of Solar RGB Limited Edition can illuminate an aquarium up to 90cm.
※Because the size of the dedicated shades for Solar RGB Limited Edition is different from the size of the
shades for the existing Solar RGB, they can not be shared.
※The Solar RGB Limited Edition is not compatible with IoT.

Size Lighting unit: W43×D28×H6.4(cm
AC adapter: W15×D6×H4(cm)
Weight Lighting unit: 2.6kg AC adapter: 0.48kg
Dedicated shades: 0.25kg (two shades)
Input voltage AC100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Rated power:120W ±5%
Power consumption:115W ±5%
Luminous flux: 3,750 ~ 4,250lm

Illuminance: Around 21,000Lx
(Central illuminance at 30cm distance without dedicated shades)
Color temperature: About 9,000~12,000K
(There are variations in color temperature due to the nature of LED.)
LED: 130 (RGB LED)
LED lifetime: Over 30,000 hours
(Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.)
Operating temperature range: 0~35℃

To commemorate the 30th anniversary
ADA products in which ADA’s unique style is embodied with the simple design.
To commemorate the 30th anniversary of ADA’s founding,
we produced commemorative products as focusing on materials and manufacturing methods,
and reconsidering our manufacturing. The craftsmanship suitable for the characteristics of the materials shines in the processing technology and process.

Special website for ADA 30th anniversary commemorative products:

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